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Hello, Welcome to my idea of the concept of „Behind the Picket Fence“. They call me HappyMouseCZ and today I will introduce you to my project of a modern villa, named Villa Cobra.
The house is designed according to my design, it is organic architecture and the house was inspired by the cobra snake. The house is suitable for a moderns family of any age who appreciates its fresh and independent modern lifestyle.
The house has two floors. On the ground floor there are 3 rooms, 1 bathroom and a garage for 2 cars. On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
The house is special in its circular shape. In the middle of the house is a garden that is surrounded by a house, so there is enough private for quiet evenings in the middle of a busy city.

The exterior was designed into organic architecture, so built to be low-energy.

The interior was designed so that everyone could find something there and be sufficiently representative. From ultra modern style house to a wooden cosy bedroom to the hobbit hole. Mammals will certainly appreciate a well-equipped kitchen.

The garden in this house don’t not play so much, but it is very important for the relaxation and the atmosphere of the house.The garden includes a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, a fireplace and a herb garden